Digital Marketing Punk
Part Time Geek.

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Clients I've Worked With...

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Tom. However, I’m also known as DM Punk (DM stand for Digital Marketing).

I’m a full-time digital marketer at an digital agency based in Wigan and Leeds. It’s called Ina4, you can go and check it out!

I’ve worked for hundreds of clients ranging from small to very, very large organisations managing their digital marketing campaigns. 

I’ve even been fortunate enough to manage some digital marketing campaigns for  FTSE100 companies.

I also have my own digital marketing podcast, called the Digital Marketing Punkcast (see more below) where I talk about everything related to digital marketing but in an accessible way.


Why Punk?

I’m a huge Punk Rock fan! 

If you don’t know the punk ethos is centred around a DIY mental attitude. 

I’ve used this state of mind throughout my career to great success. 

Trailing and testing is crucial to a successful digital marketing campaign. Don’t based a campaign off hearsay and blind luck. 

This “try and review” process provides a blueprint to everything I do.