4 Things That Stopped Me From Podcasting (That Shouldn’t Stop You)

I started The Digital Marketing Punkcast mid-way through 2018.

I had the idea for the podcast WAY before then.

As a fan (and practitioner) of Digital Marketing I listened to podcast in that area. Some were great, but I always felt they were just a little cold, impersonal… dare I say it… corporate?

I wanted something which mixed a little bit of genuine information, guidance, news and advice with something I enjoyed from the other “none digital marketing” podcasts.

A little bit of fun, entertainment and that feeling of a relationship with the person / people on the other side of the microphone.

My enduring partner was kind enough to listen to me as I went on and on saying “I want to do this podcast, but maybe I’ll do it next year or the year after”

Truth is, I should of done it there and then! (which is what my partner kept telling me, she’s always right!).

What’s included in this post;

  1. Nerves
  2. Subject Knowledge
  3. Equipment
  4. Motivation

What Was Stopping Me From a Podcasting? (And What Might Be Stopping You)


You might be thinking that I’m just some introverted digital nerd who was nervous about recording myself.

The fact is, I’m not!

I’m blessed with a super large ego and self-confidence.

However, if this is you, then let me put your mind at rest. This podcasting game is not about your ability to be “perfect” nor do you have to be the leader in your field (although that certainly won’t hurt you). It’s about striking up a relationship with your audience and your audience will be thinking the same as you. We are all people.

If you are a nervous, perhaps shy person. Then I would argue that podcasting could be anymore perfect for you.

You won’t get a big audience when you release your first podcast, unless you already have one. Your audience will only grow through persistence and quality content.

If you can achieve that, then you’ll grow and grow. Alongside this, your confidence will grow and grow too.

Subject Knowledge

My first fear was my lack of content knowledge.

I know many, many more talented, beautiful digital marketers out there who are smarter and wiser than I am.

This was a bit off putting.

Who would want to listen to this punk?

Then I realized that smart and beautiful they might be, they aren’t podcasting and I will be. Plus, I can get those people on my podcast.

Contrary to what some people think of me, my podcast is NOT about me. It’s about the people who are wonderfully enough to listen to it.

Sure! I get a lot of perks for it and so do my guests. That’s why I didn’t need perfect subject knowledge, I just needed to know what my audience wanted to know.


I was also worried about the type of equipment I would need for my podcast. I thought it would be expensive and I was building this podcast from nothing so I would have to personally invest a lot of money.

Then I made a list of what I needed…

  1. A microphone

That was it.

Sure I could of had a fancy mixing desk or a pop shield with a boom stand.

But for what I needed to start with… I just needed a semi-decent microphone.

I was very lucky, I already had one. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t really meant for podcasting, but for now…

But It recorded my voice. That’s all I needed.

You may be thinking well, what about editing software “Adobe Audition” is expensive and it is.

That’s why I use a brilliant free alternative called “Audacity” … I still use that now!

Nowadays, I do have some fancy equipment like a new better condenser microphone, a boom stand and a pop shield.

They all help make my podcast just that little bit more “listenable”, but at the start I didn’t need them.

This was a punk show after all.


This was a big one for me.

I needed that motivation to actually just go ahead and plan everything and record something.

One sunny July day I finally did and said to myself “I’m going to record it today”

I’d been thinking about it and planning it in my head for long enough. I needed to get the ball rolling.

I’m glad I did.

If I could have looked into the future as that procrastinating fellow then I wouldn’t of dragged my feet.

Because I didn’t know…

  • I was going to reach so many people.
  • I would build up my brand so much.
  • I was going to connect with so many great connections.
  • I was going to learn so much and enjoy it as much as I do.
  • That my little baby podcast would grow and get better.

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