Easy Keyword Research As You Go

There are a range of tools our there which allow anyone to conduct keyword research. You can get these tools bundled in with your existing SEO package like SEMRush or MozPro.

Keyword research can give you all the tools you need to start writing content which is going to be searched for and seen by people.

A keyword research tool allows you to easily find the keyword volumes related to each keyword, which in turn will help you curate your content.

Make Keyword Research Easy

The problem with Keyword Research tools bundled in with other platforms is that it can become quite a chore to do.

Tools are supposed to be quick and simple. The best tools are the ones which can integrate directly into the things we do everyday.

You may have used tools in the past like KeywordEverywhere, sadly however they no longer have a free teir they allow you to use.

This is the reason why I use the WhatsMySerp Google Chrome Extension.

It’s exactly the same concept, add the extension to Google Chrome and everytime you search for something on Google it will show you the number of searches per month in your country.

Take a look at this example when I search for “Family Tree”

That’s 50 thousand searches a month, just in the UK.

You can see that the term has 50k searches per month in the UK.

Next to it you can also see how much it would cost if you wanted to start bidding on this keyword on Google Ads.

You may not think that is very relevant to you, but this is a good measure of keyword competitivenes, the higher the cost, the more difficult it is more likely going to be to rank for this keyword.

Thats not all the WhatsMySerp Google Chrome extension can do, over on the right of your search results page you can also take a look at some similar keywords and their respective keyword volumes and CPC costs.

Hey! Family Tree gift sounds like a great opportunity!

That’s not all, you can also see some keywords which people have also searched for related to your root keyphrase.

From one simple search you can check out the volumes for a keyphrase and also check out some other subsibdary keyphrases which may be useful to add to your content.

In my opinion, it’s a great little tool and it’s completely free. Go check it out, create a free account and install the extension.