Digital Marketing Punkcast

“Hello & Welcome to the Digital Marketing Punkcast. 

The active resistance against bad digital marketing.

Each episode I try and help you unravel this digital voodoo that we call digital marketing.”

Tom Marriott, Digital Marketing Punk

Where Did the Punkcast Come From?

You should really check out episode one to find out the full story behind the Punkcast. However, in short, I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry now for many years and I’ve grown tired of the sly selling techniques, the quick wins and maximum profit techniques devised by some digital agencies that keep clients at arms lengths whilst damaging their online presence. 

Why Should I Subscribe?

That’s easy. Most Digital Marketing podcast are a little boring and “overly professional”. I wanted to make a digital marketing podcast which was a little against the grain, asking the real questions about digital marketing which can help you. 

How Can Digital Marketing be Punk?

Well, Digital Marketing isn’t all trade secrets and overly complicated technical wizardry. It can be simple and implemented with a very punk DIY style and that’s what I try and advocate.

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