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Digital Marketing Doesn't Have to be Voodoo

It’s been well-established for many years now that the digital marketing industry is coloured a little grey. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Digital marketing can be easy if you remove all the sales bullshit and the techy speak that developers give you. 

From SEO, paid ads, podcasting & social media I can provide a range of unique and engaging talks for your next digital event. 

What People Have Said...

Really hilarious, full of energy and made me feel as though I absolutely could do my own podcast. It was so informative but broken down into really accessible steps so even a total newbie to podcasting like me could understand it. Absolutely fantastic talk and I started following DM Punk during his talk because I just knew how much incredible value he would be giving and how much I could learn from him - and I've definitely not been disappointed!

Inspire Your Delegates To Love Digital Again

I’ve been working in the digital industry for many years. I’ve worked at many different types of digital agencies, including those of a slightly shady nature.

The idea of working in such a modern, cutting edge industry being tarnished by an underworld of digital agency made me really angry and out of this grew Digital Marketing Punk.

I wanted to call out those types of agencies and spread the word to those small businesses who have been burnt by poor agencies in the past that digital is still a beautiful thing that can help grow and develop your business. 

What People Have Said...

I love practical presentations. You know, the sort where you get lots of useful tips, advice, how-to information, and then walk away from it feeling that you can change the world. That's how Thomas Marriott's Podcasting presentation was at the BlogOn 2019 conference. And so well delivered, too: entertaining, fun and informative. My notebook is full of information, lots of which I've already applied in the few weeks since the conference. So, thank you Tom. Really appreciated all the stuff you shared so freely.

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