Who Am I?

Full Time Digital Marketer
(+ Punk)


Part Time Podcaster

Hi, I’m Tom, also known as Digital Marketing Punk.

Digital Marketer Based In Wigan

I’m based in Wigan and I’m a director of a digital agency called Ina4.
For many years now I’ve worked at numerous different agencies, during that time I must of worked with hundreds of different clients.

No one client has ever been the same and this is part of the job that is so interesting.

My day to day role is to create, evaluate and review the strategies for our number of digital marketing clients we have working with us.

Outside of this, I also feed into the website developments projects by giving my input into UX and developing user journeys through the wireframe stages.


I’m also a huge podcast enthusiast, who currently runs 2 podcasts.

  1. Digital Marketing Punk – a podcast designed to educate people about digital marketing inside and outside the industry.
  2. Wigan History Podcast – I’ve recently got really into national and local history after not enjoying it at school. I thought it would be a cool project to create a local history podcast for my local area, with the help of some local historical societies who do a brilliant job of fact checking all my work.

Digital Marketing Speaker

I’ve so often I get the opportunity to speak on my two passions above digital marketing and podcasting, having spoken so far at DigitalPreston and BlogOn.